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Kinderdagverblijf de Harlekijn is a quiet and peaceful nursery based on the outskirts of Oegstgeest. The nursery consists of three living rooms, each permitting space for 12 children between the ages of 2,5 months and 4 years of age, when Dutch children start school nursery (kleuterschool). The nursery has mixed age groups, reflecting a stable family situation, where children keep the same staff and peers for four years, however, small groups are formed at times during the day, allowing staff to engage with toddlers and babies, in activities appropriate to their age. As the nursery has an additional spacious playroom, as well as a studio, these subgroups can do their activities in a quiet area. Moreover, each room allows for different activities, allowing children to learn by experience though their own interest. The well-educated and experienced staff will guide the children in their explorations todevelop at their own pace into unique toddlers. Parents, who can only enter the nursery by a fingerprint-sensitive door, are asked to wear the provided shoe protection to keep the nursery clean, because children wear slippers inside, and muddy boots outside.

After school club (BSO) “the explorers”.
The nursery also provides space for 10 school children between the ages of 4-12 both after school hours and in school holidays. Children are picked up from their respective schools, and because of the small size, the children and supervisor(s) will decide together what activities they are interested in that day. Playing outside and doing crafts are always part of the day program (see below) but going sledding in the winter or exploring the woods for birds in summer are special activities which are done according to the children’s wishes.

Our care

We strongly believe in the benefits of nature experience for the individual development and welfare of the child. Taking the children outside to jump in muddy puddles, to play, swing, run and bike is thus a high priority on our list of daily activities. By allowing the children to help take care of our rabbits and help out in our tiny vegetable garden, we encourage children to develop a respect for and enjoyment of nature. To this end, the outside space is an adventure garden, where children can be explorers, and learn to enjoy the small pleasures of nature.

We believe this experience of nature should not be exclusive to our garden, and it thus extends to our indoor area, where noisy, plastic toys are avoided, and even indoors, children can build wig wams! In our studio, children are encouraged to be creative with mainly natural materials, and our food is predominantly organic.


Although the main language at our nursery is Dutch, more than 30% of the children have expat parents, and all staff can speak English. However, children (and parent) are encouraged to learn Dutch, both because young children are extremely capable of learning new languages, and because most children in the Netherlands speak Dutch, and we want to help make your child feel at home in this country.

General Terms and Conditions for Childcare, (version 2016)

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